At Mountain High Organic Compost Tea we do things a Little bit differently.

From the beginning to the end we have every piece of the growing puzzle.

With many years of growing experience and in the search for the best and true organic way, we created a unique natural compost tea brewing system. With lots of trial and error, we came up with a proven recipe of the finest organic materials.

Centuries old way to grow with a modern spin

We introduce the modern method of active aeration. Returning to the ways of our ancestors this century’s old proven method is combined with the latest biotechnologies. We use only the most natural ingredients to provide a one of a kind experience with science and the Love for growing the best.

Our Tea is Alive!

This organic compost tea will lead to a new and very aggressive growing technique. We have an all-natural tea brewing system that is safe for the environment. We use no inorganic chemicals in the compost tea; our tea is 100% organic. Because the ingredients are all natural we have no waste in the form of run-off to affect the water table, streams or rivers. At Mountain High Organic Compost Tea we have no watered down nutrients, we create a superior product.

Our tea is alive and has a pulse, for the highest yield, aroma and unbelievable flavors.

Active Aeration

A key ingredient in creating our tea is the use of an active aeration system; the aeration provides an important ingredient to the recipe. The air bubbles provide the action to bring it all to life. To be successful the soil must have the proper balance of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and arthropods.

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Where the Aroma, Flavors and Yield all Meet! Happy Growing!!

Our Products

Mountain High Earth Worm Castings

A 100% Pure Organic
Earthworm Castings: Castings are considered super


A blend of Humic materials for a biological soil enhancer Buy

Myco Fusion Bio Jolt

A blend of Mycosymbiotic organisms working in conjunction with the Buy

Myco Fusion Green 150

A Bio based Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi Spores. This is a Buy

Origins Base Catalyst Solution

Base, in the silver bag- Origins Compost Tea Catalyst Solution: Buy

Origins Bloom Catalyst Solution

Bloom, in the black bag, Origins Compost Tea, a proprietary Buy

Be-1 Organic Pellets

Be-1 pellets are high in phosphate and enhanced with Amino Buy

OG Tea Bags

Turning waste into Taste.
Compost Tea Bags. All of our

Fish Hydrolyslate

A proprietary process of natural fish in its simplest form. Buy

Silica Sheild

USDA Organic Approved, Silica Sheild is 8% silicon dioxide with Buy

Deep Water Air Pump

Requires an air diffuser system for brewing tea.

Air Diffuser

Works with the air pump to create oxygen rich bubbles, Buy

¾” hose

This hose is sold by the foot, and is $3.00 Buy

Mountain High Shitake Mushroom Compost

This compost is an active fungi that creates the highest Buy